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Core Sub

SGD$449.00 each

Wireless Subwoofer

Pre Order Only  (Available from April 2016)

Product Description


A heart-stopping, party-starting addition to the Core family

The Core Wireless Sub is a high fidelity subwoofer that seamlessly integrates with your Core, adding rich, full and visceral low-range depth to all of your sounds. The Core has impressive bass on its own, but we created the Sub for those who want even more bass – the kind that transforms your home into a music hall or theatre.


A low-frequency master

The Core Wireless Sub has a perfectly tuned and balanced low frequency performance to complement the Core’s capabilities. Customized speaker elements, DSP tuning, and a consummately matched amplification stage produce a natural, detailed and powerful low-frequency output with zero buzzing or rattling. Just pure bass.

Fits seamlessly into your home

The Sub was designed with sound quality, function and versatility in mind. Since it was built to provide listeners with the option of laying it flat or positioning it upright, it can easily fit behind your TV console or even under your couch.



sub_feature_02-3Wireless Bass Freedom

The Sub wirelessly connects to your Core – so you can feel free to move your Core wherever you want.  As long as it’s within 100 feet of it, you’ll get the benefit of the Sub. If you take your Core out of range of the Sub, the Core returns to its bass duties and the Sub simply goes to sleep.


Immersive Home Theatre & Gaming

The Sub adds a true cinematic experience to your home, creating big theatre sound that puts you in the middle of the action for home theatre and gaming. The Core & Sub combine to bring the images on your screen to life with realistic holographic detail and explosive, thunderous emotion. 


Basic Specifications



The current dimensions of the Sub are:
16.5 in (42cm) W x  5.75 in (14.6cm) D x 9.5 in (24cm) H  (dimensions are subject to change).