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Product Description

Core wireless speaker

Better than stereo sound

This Core produces stunning cinematic sound, with smooth highs, crystal clear midrange and bone-shaking bass.  It uses an acoustic holography technology to  produce a stereo sound field that is astonishing in size and sound quality. It’s like listening to a pair of high-end speakers, except it’s coming from a device that’s small enough to hold in your hand.


Effortless wireless

The Core connects wirelessly to any Bluetooth equipped smartphone, tablet, or PC. And you won’t need a new application or passwords to learn. Just connect and enjoy! Use your phone or tablet as remote control for your sound system; it’s that easy.



One-touch multiroom

With the touch of a button you can wirelessly connect up to eight Cores throughout your home. No router or special application is needed, the Core creates it’s own 5 GHz dedicated network. Just push a button and voilà you have whole house audio! Each speaker can play a local source or receive music from one central unit.


Immersive sound


The Core produces a huge stereo sound field. While most single speaker systems claim to  be “room-filling,” they are unable to produce a realistic stereo effect. The Core utilizes advanced acoustic rendering technology to create the illusion of two widely-spaced speakers. The Core makes listening to music more fun for you and your friends. The built-in amplifiers are clean and powerful, providing plenty of power to fill your room with deep rich sound.


An Acoustic Marvel


We have carefully chosen several cutting-edge technologies to create the Core’s phenomenal acoustic performance. It all starts with five custom-designed speaker drivers in three arrays along with a downward-firing woofer, driven by 120 Watts of digital power. Several digital signal processors bring out the best in any type of music you choose to play, while an ARM processing core intuitively works to keep the whole system synchronized.


Holographic Sound


To achieve its amazing sonic feats, the Core uses an Acoustic Holography technology to produce a stereo sound field that is astonishing in size and sound quality. This technique works by physically recreating sound in space – similar to a hologram – which is purer and sounds even better than traditional stereo or surround sound.


Every spot is the sweet spot


In a traditional stereo set up, listeners need to sit between two speakers to hear a well-balanced stereo image. Audiophiles refer to that as the “sweet spot.” To eliminate the sweet spot, the Core uses an audio rendering technique called Wave Field Synthesis to produce a virtual acoustic scene. This acoustic image can be “viewed” from any position in the room and does not depend on the listener’s position.


Bone-shaking bass


Our Absolute Bass Technology (ABT) is a combination of electronics, software, and mechanical engineering working in unison to produce a low frequency performance unmatched for its size. The end result is a speaker that you can hold in your hand that makes real bass, the kind you can feel and not just hear.

Connect any wired or wireless external subwoofer to the Core for over-the-top bass performance perfect for action movies and parties, or an action movie party. When connected to a subwoofer, the Core uses Dynamic Re-tuning Technology: it automatically ceases all the bass duties and concentrates on flawless, higher output midrange and high frequency reproduction


Bring a universe of wireless music into every part of your life


Stream an infinite selection of music through Bluetooth: The Core can play any music
your smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC can access, from online streaming sites or your personal
music collection, no wires or Wi-Fi required.  

Take it wherever you want: The Core fits in your hand and has up to 12-hour of battery life. 
It’s completely portable, from the living room to the patio and beyond. 

Fill every room in your home with beautiful music: By pressing one button, you can
connect up to eight Cores to fill your home with multi-room stereo sound.


Small enough to hold in your hand



Infinite Music


Whatever music sources your Bluetooth enabled smart device can access, The Core can play. You will have full access to a virtually unlimited universe of music via streaming services like Spotify and Pandora plus thousands of online radio stations and podcasts. You can also access any music library, whether cloud-based or on a wireless home network. Imagine having all the digital music you own immediately available to enjoy! The possibilities are endless.



One-touch Multi-room

With the touch of a button you can wirelessly connect up to eight Cores throughout your home. No router, Wi-Fi or special application is required.  The Core creates its own 5 GHz dedicated music network. Each speaker can play a local source or receive music from one central unit.



Effortless Wireless

The Core uses the finest Bluetooth quality to stream any format of music from your smart device, laptop or PC. Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) and aptX™ combine to bring out the best possible sound from your digital sources. And you won’t need a new application or passwords to learn. Just connect and enjoy! Use your phone or tablet as remote control for your sound system; it’s that easy. The Core supports “tap to pair” NFC and features a built-in USB port to charge your smart device when it is running low on battery.



Say Goodnight to Dropouts


Other wireless speakers use less sensitive Class 2 Bluetooth receivers, which can create annoying dropouts. The Core features high power Class 1 Bluetooth receiver technology that minimizes dropouts and extends range, creating a stable, strong and glitch free connection.  


Beautiful in any space

The Core is beautifully accented with a polished top and chrome base.
Its bold yet simple beauty, compact size, minimal embellishments and
lack of unsightly wires make the Core enviable in any space. 



Plug it in if that’s your thing

The Core features an Optical digital connector and an analog input so you can connect
wired sound sources such as a CD player, turntable (with a phono preamp), video streaming
device, PC or music server. High-resolution music fans will be happy to know that the Core
can handle PCM streams up to 24 bit/192kHz for pristine sound. You’ll be able to play
a high-res digital file or vinyl record in one room and hear it in any other room that has a Core. 



Even bigger home theater sound

Sound is just as important for movies as the images themselves. Plug in any video source
such as a cable box, Apple TV or Roku into the Core and your TV, and you are ready to rock.
With the Core you don’t need racks of equipment or miles of speaker wires to enjoy thrilling
home theater audio performance.



On the move as much as you are

With the Core’s compact size and up to 12-hour battery life you can bring
your stereo with you on a whim. Not just portable tunes, but high quality
sound that you can share with your friends. 



What are you going to play first on your Core?

Jazz or Rock. Hip Hop or Classical. Whatever your musical tastes, a serious audio system
deserves serious consideration of its inaugural sound. Do you pick something with subtlety and
nuance to spot Core’s sound clarity?  Something with clear left vs right sound to experience
Core’s better than stereo Holographic technology. Or maybe you just want to to play that great
City in Colour tune that makes you smile. Email us and let us know what you ultimately decide. 




The Core in the press


“Physical Impossibility? Mass Fidelity Packs Huge Stereo Into a Little Box”
– Wall Street Journal

“I’ve been waiting for nearly a month to tell you about the Core from Mass Fidelity,
the most exciting audio product since the invention of the iPhone.”
– James Games Gadgets & Gizmos

“The Core prototype sounded better than any of Sonos’ self-contained music systems.”
– Tech Hive

“This gadget is so versatile it can double as a soundbar for your TV.
Plus, you can connect up to nine Cores for multi-room audio bliss.
After my ears-on demo, I’m a believer.”
– Tom’s Guide


Basic Specifications





Any Bluetooth-enabled device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or laptop, Apple, Android
or PC. Any music on your device or in the cloud Any online streaming sites or internet radio
(Pandora, rdio, Youtube, Spotify, ITunes Radio, TuneIn etc) Any wired digital or analogue
sources (cd player, stereo or record player) Your home theatre system (cable box, Apple TV
or Roku with your television)


*Specification subject to change without notice.


Core – Wireless Speaker System

A compact speaker with ‘better than stereo’ sound. Wireless. Multi-room. Portable. Truly liberating.

Core Demo – Toronto

We demonstrated the Core to some of our early backers in the Toronto area. See their amazing reactions.


Core User Manual (English, French, German)

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